Student Organizations

Prince of Songkla University's mission is to encourage its students to seek out opportunities to participate in activities that best suit their skills and interests. Such activities tend to fall into either one of the two categories listed below.

1. Campus-based activities: organized by the Student Administrative Board, Student Council, Dormitory Committee, or clubs belonging to the Student Administrative Board. These are divided into four groups.

1.1 Volunteer Services
1.2 Arts and Culture
1.3 Athletics and Sports
1.4 Academic activities

2. Faculty-based activities: They are activities organized by the Student Association of each faculty, or by the various clubs of these Student Associations.

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Student Administrative Board

Apart from attending lectures in the class rooms, students need to practice necessary skills in order to become competent graduates with good morality, physical and mental health, along with a sense of social responsibility.

Hat Yai Campus SAB website (Thai):

        Student Council : It is the high level student organization which has the responsibility to monitor student activities to ensure that they are conformed with the University rules and regulation, to supervise the Student Administration Board including Student Association of various faculties. It also has the duty to protect student rights and allocate budget for student organizations.

        Student Council, PSU Pattani Campus: PSU's southernmost campus has two major student organizations, the Student Council and the Student Administrative Board. The Student Council is responsible for overseeing the work of the Student Administrative Board, Student Associations of various faculties, and all student clubs. It also has the duty to relay student problems to the University administration, acting as a coordinator between the University and student organizations. However, its most important duty is the management audit of all student organizations, to bring the most benefits to all Prince of Songkla University students and personnel.


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