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About us:

       From the date of the establishment of Prince of Songkla University, the first university in Southern Thailand, up to the present time (academic year 2015) which is all together 50 years, the University has produced 48 batches of graduates totaling nearly 130,000 for all degree levels. Our University alumni are working all over the country in every province, and some are working abroad. Various groups of our alumni have banded together and have formed many associations or clubs around the country. Most of these may be grouped into four categories, namely, the PSU Alumni Association, provincialwise grouping, facultywise grouping, and campuswise grouping. Normally the main purposes of these groupings are for organizing activities relating to the University or socializing in special occasions once or twice a year. All their activities are disjointed and there is no mechanism that can coordinate these activities or systematically link them with the University to utilize the University resources for promotion purposes.

       In order to create opportunities for these alumni associations and clubs to stay in touch with the University and to seek their cooperation in such matters as supplying information for graduate quality improvement, advising on employment opportunities, proposing research problems, supporting or funding University researches, promoting and participating in University activities, as well as uniting their efforts in creating a powerful and sustainable driving force necessary to help propel the development of the University; a new approach in managing alumni resources must be initiated.

       On two occasions, on April, 30, 2005 and on September 2006, informal meetings took place between the University and a group of alumni who has been actively involved in several alumni associations and clubs. A consensus has been reached that an office “ The Office of Alumni Relations” be established to act as the focal point to systematically coordinate and link all PSU alumni associations and clubs together and to provide impetus for the concerted effort in helping to develop our beloved University.


       To unite physically and spiritually all Prince of Songkla University alumni in order to upheld the honor and prestige of our institution.


  1. To promote and create good relationship between alumni and the University.
  2. To act as the center to coordinate academic cooperation, researches, student development, and campaign for University development fund between alumni and the University.
  3. To set up and develop alumni data base system.
  4. To support the setting up of alumni network of each campus and to honor alumni who carry out works that benefit the public, society, and the University.
  5. To avoid involvement in partisan politics.


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