Research Centers


PSU’s active research networks are composed of Centers of Excellence, Research Centers, and Research Units. Some of them are:

Faculty of Agro-Industry

  • Agro-industry development center for export (ADCET)
  • Bioprocess engineering laboratory for research
  • Environmental biotechnology laboratory for research
  • Fishery biochemistry laboratory for research
  • Food microbiology laboratory for research
  • Food processing and engineering laboratory for research
  • Food product development laboratory for research
  • Foodborne pathogens laboratory for research
  • Genetic and enzyme laboratory for research
  • Marine biotechnology laboratory for research
  • Packaging innovation and design laboratory for research
  • Sensory and shelf-life evaluation laboratory for research

Faculty of Dentistry

  • Advancing Orthodontic Tooth Movement Efficiency Research Unit
  • Common Oral Diseases and Epidemiology Research Center
  • Cranio Maxillofacial Hard Tissue Engineering Center
  • Dental Materials Research Unit
  • Maxillofacial Prosthodontics Rehabilitation Research Unit
  • Surgical Orthodontics Research Unit

Faculty of Education

  • Research Center for Educational Innovations and Teaching and Learning Excellence
  • Sustainable Development Education in Multicultural Society Research Center

Faculty of Engineering

  • Air Pollution and Health Effect Research Center
  • Business Logistics and Supply Chain Management Research Team
  • Center for Network Research
  • Center of Excellence for Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Center of Excellence for Wireless Sensor Network
  • Center of Excellence in Materials Engineering
  • Energy Technology Research Center
  • Ergonomics and Safety Technology Research Team
  • Intelligent Automation Research Center
  • Rubber Technology and Management Research Team
  • Specialized Research and Development Center for Alternative Energy from Palm Oil and Oil Crops
  • Sustainable Waste Management Research Team
  • Thermal-Fluid Engineering Research Team

Faculty of Environmental Management 

  • Care Utapao Basin Project
  • Center of Excellence on Hazardous Substance Management (HSM), Southern University Consortium, PSU
  • Environmental Assessment and Technology for Hazardous Waste Management Research Center
  • Environmental Economics Research Unit
  • Environmental Laboratory Center
  • Geo-Informatics Research Center for Natural Resources and Environment
  • Social Sciences for Environmental Management Research Unit
  • Songkhla Lake Basin Project
  • Southern Regional Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Center: SOUTHGIST
  • Studies Center of Earth System Environment
  • The Integrated Ecotourism Management in Southern Thailand Research Center
  • Wetlands Research Center

Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism

  • FHT Research Fund
  • Research Clinic of the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism

Faculty of International Studies

  • FIS Research Fund
  • Office of Community Service and Translation

Faculty of Law

  • Center for Conflicts of Law
  • Research Unit for Public Law and International Law
  • Specialized Research and Development Center for Public International Law for Human Rights

Faculty of Liberal Arts

Faculty of Medicine

  • Institute of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  • Intervention Radiology
  • Kids and Youth Development Research Unit
  • Medical Information Center
  • Medical Products Innovations from Polymers in Clinical Use Research Unit
  • Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Heart Center
  • Neonatal Care Center
  • Palliative Care Unit
  • PSU Cancer Center
  • Research Center for Cancer Control in Thailand
  • Southern Medical Rehabilitation Center
  • Tanyawej Breast Center
  • Trauma Center

Faculty of Medical Technology

  • Center for Medical Laboratory Service

Faculty of Natural Resources

  • Agricultural Systems, Resources and Environmental Research Center
  • Aquatic Animal Health Research Center
  • Center of Excellence in Agricultural and Natural Resources Biotechnology
  • Discipline of Excellence: Sustainable Aquaculture
  • National Biological Control Research Center Southern Regional Center
  • Oil Palm Research and Development Center
  • Small Ruminant Research and Development Center
  • Tropical Fruit and Plantation Crop Research Center

Faculty of Nursing

  • Research Center for Prevention and Care for People in Emergency and Trauma

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Center for Bioequivalence Studies (Thai Food and Drug Administration Network)
  • Drug Delivery System Excellence Center
  • Drug Information Center
  • Marine Natural Products Research Unit
  • Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Polymers Research Unit
  • Phytomedicine and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Excellence Center
  • Southern Center of Thai Traditional Medicine

Faculty of Political Science

Faculty of Science

  • Algebra and Applications Research Unit
  • Applied Analysis Research Unit
  • Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics Research
  • Center of Excellence for Biodiversity of Peninsular Thailand
  • Center of Excellence for Trace Analysis and Biosensor
  • Center of Excellence in Membrane Science and Technology
  • Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology for Energy
  • Food Safety and Health Research Unit
  • Geophysics Research Center
  • Gut Biology and Microbiota Research Unit
  • Innovative Information Technology Research Unit for Health Science and Society
  • Natural Products Research Center of Excellence
  • Research Unit for EEG Biomarkers of Neuronal Diseases

Faculty of Science and Industrial Technology

  • Economics Plant of Surat Thani Province Research Unit

Faculty of Science and Technology

  • Analytical Chemistry and Environment Research Unit
  • Center of Excellence in Natural Rubber Technology
  • Ecological Aquaculture Research Unit
  • Ecotoxicology Research Unit
  • Islamic Astronomy Research Unit
  • Plant Tissue Culture Unit
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer Research Unit

Faculty of Technology and Environment

  • Andaman Environment and Natural Disaster Research Center (ANED)
  • Biotechnology of Electro-mechanics Research Unit (BTEM)
  • Integrated Science and Technology Research Center (Applied Chemistry / Environmental Management and Software Engineering)
  • Remote Sensing & Geo-Spatial Science Research Unit

College of Computing

  • Animation & Multimedia Technology Center (AMTEC)

Institute for Peace Studies

  • Conflict Management Center
  • Contemplative Education Center
  • Human Rights Center
  • Islamic Perspective for Peace and Development Center
  • Research Unit for Peace Studies for Development

Marine and Coastal Resources Institute (MACORIN)

  • Coastal Oceanography and Climate Change Research Center

Business Incubation Center
High-caliber DNA Forensic Center
Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Natural History Museum


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