Office of the President

Office of the President consists of the following divisions:

1. General Affairs Division

          In its infant period between the years 1968-1971, the Office of the President was the only center of clerical and administrative office of the University since the number of staff at that time was small and the work load was minimal. The internal divisions of the office, if any, was informal and for convenient only. In the period between the years 1972-1976, the Office of the President was partitioned into four divisions; general affairs, planning and development, academic, and student affairs. The General Affairs Division was further divided into clerical services, welfares (including buildings and ground), finances and personnel sub-divisions. In 1977, to be in accord with the administrative format of each campus which consisted of one vice president for the campus and five assistant presidents, the Office of the President was regrouped into five divisions, namely, administrative, planning and development, academic, student affairs, and welfares divisions.

          In 1979, the central administrative works of the University and its campuses were revamped and formally submitted for approval by the Bureau of University Affairs. The proposed reorganization was approved on June 2, 1979. As the results, the University is now compost of seven divisions locating at Hat Yai campus and two divisions locating at Pattani campus. The General Affairs division is one of the seven divisions in Hat Yai campus, and it is further divided into six sub-divisions.

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2. Finance Division

          The Finance Division is responsible for overall management of financial and monetary affairs of the University, including book keeping of disbursement, purchasing of materials and supplies and inventory of equipments. Working speedily and correctly, complying with monetary and financial rules and regulation, using up to date technology, continually aiming for self-development and work-development, and striving for satisfaction of the customers, are the principal objectives of the division.

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3. Personnel Division

          The Personnel Division duties are to support and improve the administration of personnel of the University so that it can be carried out efficiently and fairly according to the existing rules and regulation. Its other important duties are to provide information, answer queries, give suggestion or recommendation to university executives, personnel, and other organizational units of the university.

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4. Physical Plant Service and Security Division

          The Physical Plant Service and Security Division is responsible for the construction works and utilization of usable area of the Campus, managing and maintaining services regarding transport, accommodation, public utilities, landscaping works of the Campus. Keeping house registration documents and managing security system of the Campus are also its responsibility.

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5. Student Affairs Division

          The student affairs division is officially an organizational unit within the Office of the President since 1979. Initially it consisted of three sub-divisions and one unit, namely, counseling and job placement, Student Services and Welfares, Student Affairs sub-divisions and Clerical Service unit. On September 20, 1988, the Clerical Service unit has been raised to the sub-division status and subsequently, on December 3, 2004, two additional units, namely the Information Unit and the International Affairs Unit were added.

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6. Planning Division

          The principal roles of the Planning Division are to provide necessary information to support the decision making of university executives, to coordinate and give advices to the Faculties and organizational units of the university in devising policies and plans and in utilization of resources, and to follow up and make the assessment of the results systematically. The division's objective is to perform its duty efficiently in a service-consciousness manner employing the proactive approach, as well as to design and implement institutional research. Realizing that the possession of ready to use and up to date information is a prerequisite to gain the trust of those concerned, and a necessary ingredient for the university to achieve its objective, the Planning Division is committed to continually develop and improve its information system.

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7. Education Service Division

          The Education Service Division was formally established in 1979, to be the central unit which provides necessary support in working out the policy and intention of the university according to its primary mission in the management of education, research, academic services and international relation. It is the duty of this division to carry out the policy coordination so as to bring about the best practice in the Faculty, college, center, institute, consistent with the vision, mission, strategic and tactical plans of the university.

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8. Registrar's Division

         The Registrar's Division is a central administration unit responsible for the processing of enrollment, scheduling classrooms and examination, overseeing the processing and distribution of grades, verifying completion of degree requirements and keeping of official university record of all students of Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai Campus. Its mains duties including:

  • Arrange and carry out the registration of newly admitted students.
  • Keep personal and academic records of students, and update these data regularly.
  • Organize subject registration for students, for each semester.
  • Issue Student Identity Cards.
  • Co-ordinate class scheduling and assigning of teaching rooms for each subjects.
  • Co-ordinate examination timetabling and assigning of examination venues.
  • Arrange for the signing of compulsory contracts for medical and dentistry students.
  • Provide detailed working schedule on the processing of examination results, and calculating the GPA of students for each semester.
  • Announce the results of academic performance of students for each semester.
  • Carry out the program completion verification for students of every program of study, and submit the results to the University Council for the granting of degrees/ diploma.
  • Prepare the production of Degree/Diploma certificates.
  • Issue transcripts.
  • Issue certified education-related documents.
  • Provide counter services to students.



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