Growth Triangle Studies Center (IMT-GT Studies Center)


        Activities concerning the study of development potential for economy of the Triangle Area of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand has been going on since 1994. On March 28, 1995, a cabinet meeting resolution was passed assigning DTEC (the Department of Technical and Economic Cooperation, later becoming Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency), Prince of Songkla University and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to be the three principal organizations responsible for and support the working of the joint committee on human resources of the three countries namely, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand with the stated objectives of speeding up the work plan/ project of training and developing skilled labors, the mobilization of labor forces in order to promote the joint development of the economy of the Triangle Area. The work group was initially under the Deputy Director for International Relation of DTEC, and was without a permanent office.

        Later, after the fifth tri-party ministerial level meeting in 1995, it was agreed that a studies center be set up in a major university of each participating country. For Thailand, the government has selected Prince of Songkla University with the promised provision of supportive budget and a close coordination from the Neighboring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (NED). On the 206 (8/1996) meeting of Prince of Songkla University Council, a resolution was passed to establish the Growth Triangle Studies Center (IMT-GT Studies Center) at Prince of Songkla University under the direct supervision of the University President.


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