Office of Extension and Continuing Education

Telephone 0-7333-1302

        To be a leading organization that provides comprehensive, diverse, excellence in quality academic services conforming with the need of targeted groups for the development of the rural communities and the region within 2012.


1.To promote and develop the personnel of the Office to be efficient in academic services.
2. To promote researches and create, develop, integrate the academic service knowledge.
3. To provide comprehensive academic services in diverse formats, and with excellence quality.
4. To adopt the management system that promotes and support flexible academic services of good quality.
5. To employ quality assurance system in the management of academic services.
6. To develop information system and information network in academic services
7. To build and develop conference centers that are fully equipped with suitable resources and personnel for academic services management.

About the Office:

        Office of Extension and Continuing Education Prince of Songkla University was formerly known as the Extension Education and Special Training Project that had been established in response to one of the principal policy of the University, that is to provide academic services for the society. It acts as a central unit in utilizing the man power/ technology/ and equipment resources of the University in providing academic services to the communities, especially the communities in Southern Thailand. The Office was officially established in June 1986 as a central unit of the University with faculty status. Its principal duties are to provide academic services to the communities such as organizing seminar, improving community strength, providing places of learning for communities, demonstrating food servicing, providing learning media such as VDO on Demand and Radio on Demand. Its internal units consist of the Secretary, Training and Continuing Education, Promotion and Dissemination, Extension and Continuing Education Hat Yai Campus, Community Academic Service units. The Office operates three academic service stations, namely, Chana, Thepa and Pattani academic service stations.

Contact :

• Office of Extension and Continuing Education; Tel: 073-331302, 073-313928-50 Ext. 1329, Fax: 073-335911
• Training and Continuing Education; Tel: 073-312293 , 073-313928-50 Ext. 1332, Fax: 073-312293
• Promotion and Dissemination: Tel 073-313928 Ext. 1333
• Extension and Continuing Education, Hat Yai Campus; Tel: 074-286970-2, Fax: 074-286971
• Community Services: Tel: 073-313928 Ext: 1331
• Chana Academic Service Station, Tel: 074-477172
• Thepa Academic Service Station, Tel: 081-9632889
• Pattani Academic Service Station, Tel: 073-336496


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