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Prince of Songkla University, Surat Thani Campus consists of the following units :
     - Surat Thani Community College
     - Faculty of Science and Industrial Technology
     - Faculty of Arts and Management Sciences
     - Office of Surat Thani Campus

Surat Thani Community College

The college has been established to provide short duration programs of study which are needed by the community. Its other functions are to organize academic service activities in order to impart knowledge to the society, producing research, transferring technology and preserving arts and culture of the region.      - The academic service activities are aiming to promote and develop the potentials of community organizations, including those of the personnel of government and private sector; for examples, the development of personnel of local administration, tourist and education organizations.
     - The college places emphasis on research or activities that can lead to the transferring of technology to the community, for examples, the research to develop the potential of tourism for the community, or to develop the potential for agricultural tourism, or to act as consultant in planning for the development strategy.
     - The college also has the policy and goals of supporting and promoting arts and cultural activities of the local community.

Faculty of Science and Industrial Technology

The Faculty’s principal responsibility is the integration of academic management of sciences and industrial technology with emphasis on agricultural biological resources, especially on para rubber, oil palm, in response to the need of industry and society. The management is carried out for a lasting and complete development covering integration of several scientific disciplines in the production process.

Faculty of Arts and Management Sciences

Faculty of Arts and Management Sciences main responsibility is to manage the teaching of basic courses in languages, communication, business management, humanities and social sciences to students of every programs of study in Surat Thani Campus. It has also the missions to help solving problems and developing society and local community.

Office of Surat Thani Campus

The Office has the responsibility of supporting and coordinating activities of all the faculties and units of Surat Thani Campus. It consists of the following work groups/ center.
     - Academic Supporting Work Group: It comprises Education Service, Registration and Academic Evaluation, Student Affairs units.
     - General Work Group: It comprises Policy and Planning, Administrative, Budgetary Management, Building and Ground and Welfare units.
     - Document and Information Technology Work Group: It comprises library, computer services, language laboratories, education technology units.
     - Center of Scientific Laboratory and Central Equipments: It has the responsibility to support the teaching of scientific laboratory practice to students of all faculties, support research, provide academic services to the community and organizations within and outside the Campus.


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