Learning Center (LC)

Website : http://www.lc.phuket.psu.ac.th

To be a center that provides the best in information resources service, computer and education media service on the coastal area of the Andaman Sea.

To provide and coordinate academic services conforming with the University Mission, and to be an excellence center that supports the education and researches of the coastal area region of Andaman Sea.

Necessities and Concept:
1. The original structural division of teaching and learning support units of Prince of Songkla Phuket Campus was not in agreement with their actual day to day operation. Overlapping of works, too many steps in carrying out works, lack of centralized command in certain key areas has led to an ill-defined duty of personnel and difficult to manage and to follow up works. The situation was exacerbated by limited information resources, technology and man-power.
2. Under the context of the changes in information technology, rapid advances in communication technology has become important factor in accelerating the changes in socio-economics and politics that produce impact on opportunities and pose dangers for all countries of the world. It is imperative that Thailand must carry out necessary reform, improvement and development in all fronts truly and continuously. As for the government organizations, the Government has pushed for the modernization of their roles, mission, financial and administrative structure systems, works steps and procedure, by employing information technology in all of their works and services.

To conform with the Government policy, Prince of Songkla University Phuket Campus has reorganize its teaching and learning support units by adopting a unified or centralized approach for the management of teaching and learning resources of the Campus. The setting up of a Learning Center (LC) as the center of resources on library system, information technology, audio visual equipments will lead to more efficient services for the faculties/ teaching staff/ students/ university personnel in general. It will be a totally integrated single point service (one stop service). The Learning Center consists of the following units:

1. The Library Unit: To carry out technical and management aspects of electronics information resources, keeping and maintaining archival records.
2. The Information Technology Unit: To operate and maintain laboratories equipments, manage the development and services of information system, and do engineering works.
3. The Audio Visual Unit: To provide audio-visual services, produce teaching media, print documents, manage the borrowing-returning of audio-visual equipments, and responsible for the maintenance of all audio-visual equipments.


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