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In December 2000, a Cabinet resolution was passed pronouncing the clean and transparent organization objective as a main policy, with the status of national level plan, of the Government. It has declared corruption as a danger to the security of the country and ordered the ministries, departments and all governmental organizations to follow the action plan of creating the clean and transparent government organizations and fully cooperated in carrying out the works to reach the stated objectives. The orders given to each organization were specific on three objectives, namely, to set up a clean and transparent center, to devise the strategic plan for the center and to produce annual report of the operation and planning of the center.

The University has set up committees to deal with the matter in July 2003. There are two levels of committees, the administrative committee chairs by the University President and with the vice president of each campus as committee members, and several working committees. The working committees comprise:

  1. The enhancement of efficiency and works method committee.
  2. The clean and transparent planning promotion and ethics committee.
  3. The clean and transparent inspection and evaluation committee.

The University annual report on its clean and transparent center emphasizes the four aspects of strategic objectives, namely:

  1. Cleanliness and transparency regarding the system and wok method.
  2. Cleanliness and transparency regarding the readiness for inspection.
  3. Cleanliness and transparency regarding consciences and working culture.
  4. Physical cleanliness of the work-place and its environment.


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