PSU to produce graduates to serve the country under the identity “I-WiSe: Integrity, Wisdom, and Social engagement”


     PSU adheres to the 5H approach in developing student potential to accommodate changes and increase competitiveness, serving the country under the identity “Integrity, Wisdom, and Social engagement”.

       Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wandee Suttarangsee, acting director for the Office of Education and Learning Innovation, said that student development these days is different than it used to be. Students must be developed to fulfil society’s expectation focusing on skills, abilities, or competencies. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the potential of learners holistically. PSU provides education under the Education Transformation policy influencing the curriculum, lecturers, and students according to the adaptation context.

        Dr. Wandee highlighted that, from 2020 onwards, about 80-90% of Bachelor's and Master's degree programs use outcome-based concepts in curriculum design, and in 2022, all courses will be developed under the concept of outcome-based education, defined in the revised curriculum. Courses must have clearly defined competency to meet the needs of the country in general, or the ten targeted industrial groups in particular, such as the Data Science Program that integrates all five campuses in teaching and learning from real situations, whether in cooperative education design, or through the CWIE learning format.

       Lecturer development is now guided by the university policy that encourages lecturers to develop their teaching potential. This policy is driven by the concept of PSU lecturer competency development (PSU-TPSF), a conceptual framework modeled after British standards (UK-PSF). The framework enables lecturers to realize new teaching methods, lesson creativity, and effective online course creation, and to adapt these into their own teaching methodology.

       PSU student competency aims to prepare students for 21st century in learning skills through the 5H process: Head, Heart, Hand, Habits and Health, alongside the creation of benchmark development tools in various learning platforms.


“PSU graduates must have desirable characteristics under the identity of I-WiSe: honesty, discipline, wisdom and the service mindset.
We expect them to be ready to serve the country and realize our motto to bring out their best for society”
Dr. Wandee explained.




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