PSU drives lifelong learning by enhancing learning skills at all ages through PSU MOOC.


       PSU focuses on social benefits by enhancing knowledge at all ages with well-organized curricula and systems to support those who want to either upskill or reskill.

       Asst. Prof. Dr. Ophat Kaosaiyaporn, Assistant President for Media and Educational Technology Development, revealed that fostering lifelong learning or education at all ages is one of PSU’s fundamental goals, achieved by preparing learners to upskill and reskill, taking advantage of the unlimited nature of education.


       “Online courses don't have to be conducted solely by lecturers; supporting staff, scientists, or academic staff who are knowledgeable are also able to create courses to teach”

Dr. Ophat explained.

       PSU drives lifelong learning by enhancing learning skills at all ages through PSU MOOC, which has been in operation for nearly a year, offering approximately 40-50 courses to support and prepare learners at all ages. More than 58,000 learners have registered in PSU MOOC, and over 16,000 of them have received certificates. Moreover, a related project called “PSU MySchool”, which has been in operation for nearly 10 years, offers high school subjects in seven major groups for students to register and study. In that project, approximately 60,000 learners have completed their certificates as of now. Furthermore, each faculty has its own projects incorporating the concept of lifelong learning. Finally, the university runs the Next-U system that offers courses suitable for the general public as well.

       The university is constantly improving its curriculum, developing courses in English on the Korean ASEAN platform, and is in the process of cooperation with the private sector to drive an even stronger, more capable system in the future.

       PSU is a non-profit university, focusing on social benefits and disseminating knowledge to the community and society.
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