Obesity Surgery Center of Songklanakarind Hospital receives international quality certification – a first in Thailand and Southeast Asia.


       The Center of Excellence in Obesity Surgery at Songklanakarind Hospital has been accredited as a Center of Excellence for Surgery, Obesity and Metabolic Diseases with international equivalent quality and standards, by the Institute of Surgical Review Corporation, USA. The first of its kind both in Thailand and in Southeast Asia, the accreditation certifies quality and standards in three ways, according to Dr.Kamthorn Yolsuriyanwong, MD., president of the Obesity Surgery Center:

  1. Accreditation of Songklanakarind Hospital as a "Center of Excellence in Surgery, Obesity and Metabolic Diseases";
  2. Certification of Dr. Kamthorn Yolsuriyanwong as a Master Surgeon;
  3. Accreditation of surgeons at the Obesity Surgery Center, Songklanakarind Hospital;

using the following criteria:

  1. The readiness of the hospital, including the service area, equipment, examination and treatment, surgical instruments, and various other aspects. Care is provided since the patient’s entry to the hospital for surgical treatment until the follow-up, or in cases of emergency.
  2. The readiness of personnel or multidisciplinary teams in taking care of patients, including surgeons, joint physicians, nutritionists, physical therapists, and relevant officials with expertise in caring for obese patients in both normal and emergency situations. Surgeons must meet criteria in terms of the number of patients coming for surgery; they must possess sufficient standardized treatment techniques and low complications to meet the criteria of the Surgical Review Corporation.
  3. Policy endorsement and support of other areas that are important to the Center of Excellence by the management team of the Obesity Surgery Center at Songklanakarind Hospital. Significant support has been received from the dean of the Faculty of Medicine, the hospital director, and the head of the surgery department.

"Having earned the standard certification is a testament to the international-level quality standards of the Obesity Surgery Center, Songklanakarind Hospital, assuring patients that here they receive the best care possible with the most effective tools and minimal complications. As a doctor, I am happy and proud that the team has been able to develop an international-level standard of care for people with obesity. The international recognition builds a reputation for Songklanakarind Hospital, Prince of Songkla University, and our country, Thailand.”                  

Dr. Kamthorn explained.



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