March 13, 2021 Prince of Songkla University, 53 years after its establishment.

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President's speech

The 53rd anniversary of the establishment of Prince of Songkla University

March 13, 2021


       Administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni of Prince of Songkla University and distinguished guests!

       The first act calling for the establishment of Prince of Songkla University came into effect on March 13, 1968. On the occasion of the 53rd anniversary of Prince of Songkla University, I proudly note that the university now operates its mission as a tertiary institute, continuously improving academic quality by producing graduates, providing academic services, preserving arts and culture, conducting research and creating innovations to meet the needs of the country for 53 years. Until present, PSU has produced over 200,000 graduates to serve the country.

       Above all, we have been following the resolution of His Royal Highness Prince Mahidol of Songkla, namely that “our soul is for the benefit of mankind”, by participating in life quality development and alleviating the problems of the southern region whenever a crisis is caused by either natural disasters or by the dangers of human conflicts, along with providing solutions to other problems affecting the local lifestyle, which is admired and accepted by the community.

       These days, we can consider ourselves an educational institution ready for the sixth decade of its establishment, through adaptation to the world and education, as well as the realization of the meaning and self-existence in the modern world. Even though we have changed our governmental administrative system to that of a government agency, the university is still unwavering in its aspirations to seek benefits for fellow human beings and society as a whole, and to maintain its leadership in both academic and technological fields in the region.

      Looking forward, there still are many missions that we must carry on, successfully fulfilling society’s expectations at the local, national and international levels. This brings meaning and pride to Prince of Songkla University by the implementation of the PSU System, which is the key in helping secondary urban area development in the South, in order create cities considered livable not only in the economic sense but also in the sense of social environment. Our mandate is to act as a bridge that connects the two southern regions of the ocean in economics, politics and society; to be the main link in connecting Northern ASEAN with Southern ASEAN, where different languages, religions and cultures thrive; and also to serve as the main agency to drive Thailand's economy to meet its sustainable development needs on the global stage.

       After March 13, it will be 54 years since we have been founded. Prince of Songkla University will continue to be an institution that encourages the new generation to discover their own potential in order to bring further benefits to mankind. We will discover knowledge from diverse resources and cultures in the southern region, and continue cooperating with the international community. The PSU System will strengthen the power of wisdom, and forge the people of Prince of Songkla University to use their potential for the betterment of both themselves and others.

       Prince of Songkla University commits to be involved in the development and problem solving of the South and of the nation for eternity.

       Thank you very much.



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