Prince of Songkla University ranked 6th E-university in Thailand by Webometrics.

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       The Cybermetrics Lab of the CSIC Research Council, Spain, has announced the results of its Global University Rankings. As of January 2021, Prince of Songkla University has been ranked #6 in Thailand, #273 in Asia, and #1100 in the world, according to the website Webometrics, using Cybermetrics Lab data of more than twenty thousand universities around the world obtained via the Internet.

       The ranking measures academic work published on the Internet in addition to works published in journals or otherwise, to create an "Electronic University (E-university)" profile.

       Webometrics ranking is based on a number of factors. Size (S) is the number of webpages from all sites under the same domain. Visibility (V) is the number of links or references from external sites around the world to webpages that are under the same domain and show the accessibility and impact of the web publication. Rich File (R) is the number of files or electronic documents within the same domain. Scholar (Sc) is the number of academic articles, citation of academic articles that appear within the university domain and can be searched with Google Scholar.

       Webometrics used four ranking criteria:

  1. Presence (20%) measures presence on the internet. The overview of all data under the same domain compared to size.
  2. Impact (50%) measures referral impact, the quality of the assessed content versus visibility.
  3. Openness (15%) is measured from university research repositories. (Measures the amount of published research data, the number of Rich Files such as pdf, doc, docx, ppt measured by Google Scholar) compared to the Rich File criteria.
  4. Excellence (15%) considers international publications, university scientific products vs. scholar.

The "Webometrics Ranking of World Universities" has been organized since 2004, and its results are announced semi-annually in January and July through the website



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