PSU joins private sector to foster research of cannabis, hemp and mitragynine for commercial medical use

     PSU’s Research and Development Office (RDO) organized the online event "PSU Research Expo 2021" as a platform for researchers in the South to apply for research funding from various sources, and to acknowledge the recently updated research policy. PSU President Asst. Prof. Dr. Niwat Keawpradub opened the event, with subsequent reports by PSU Vice President for Research and Innovation Asst. Prof. Dr. Sunthorn Wongsiri, and RDO Director Prof. Dr. Teerapol Srichana. A number of administrators, faculty, researchers and other stakeholders attended the event.

       PSU President Dr. Keawpradub said that PSU has a vision of being a university for innovation and society, serving as the main mechanism for research development in the South and the country. PSU Research Expo 2021 serves as a platform to obtain research funding, and to encourage the creation of a more integrated research network, including the exchange of opinions between researchers in the South, ultimately leading to the creation of a network, research results and innovation beneficial to the South and society at large.

       One of the highlights of the event was the number of MOUs signed for research cooperation between PSU and members of the private sector, as detailed below.

       1. "Research and Development of Mitragynine Innovation", between Master Labs Incorporation Company Limited, PSU Southern Science Park, and the PSU Faculty of Natural Resources, to organize joint development and research to explore the potential medical benefits and commercial uses of mitragynine (kratom).

       2. "Research and Development of Mitragynine Innovation" between Origin Tech, PSU Southern Science Park, and the PSU Faculty of Natural Resources to join the development, expansion and increased potential of mitragynine to treat diseases, and create commercial innovation in order to help humankind and society for the stability of the nation.

       3. On the subject of research and development of cannabis extracts, mitragynine, hemp and related herbs for use in Thai traditional medicine, an MOU was signed between 420 (Thailand) Company Limited, Sirikanya Community Enterprise, and the PSU Faculty of Science.

       PSU Research Expo 2021 was held from 15 to 16 February 2021, and included many activities, such as the lecture on "Adaptation and Preparation of Researchers to apply for National Research Fund" by Prof. Dr. Suthiphon Chitmittrapap, Chair of the Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSIR); a seminar on "The Role of PMU on the Advancement of National Research" by the Program Management Unit (PMU); along with meetings of the Health, Medicine and Digital Group; the Energy Engineering, Environmental Group; the Agriculture, Food and Digital Group; and the Tourism, Humanities and Social Sciences Group. The event also featured an informative exhibition by Prince of Songkla University and the Southern Universities Network, featuring more than 50 masterpieces. Finally, the annual Innovation Award Competition of 2020 was held, with the following results:

Undergraduate level

  1. The winner was the work on artificial rattan made from natural rubber, thermoplastic for furniture, by The Thai-Chinese Rubber International College.
  2. The first runner-up was the work on natural rubber cone blasting holes for mining engineering, by the Thai-Chinese Rubber International College.
  3. The second runner up was the work on medical simulator for artery, by the Faculty of Medicine.
  4. Consolation prize was awarded for the work on natural rubber contraceptive kits, by the Faculty of Science.
  5. Consolation prize was awarded for the work on the intelligent gel polymer sheet for formaldehyde measurement, by the Faculty of Science.

Graduate level

  1. The winner was research on the electrochemical hypochlorite and hypochlorite production equipment, by the Faculty of Science.
  2. The first runner-up was the work on alcohol in saliva test sheet, by the Faculty of Science.
  3. The second runner-up was the work on the mucous wound patch of basil seeds containing the standardized Gotu Kola extract, by the Faculty of Pharmacy.
  4. Consolation prize was awarded for the work on the touchless elevator dial device, PSU#1, by the Faculty of Engineering.
  5. Consolation prize was awarded for the work on dental adhesives to extend the lifespan of composite resin dental restoration materials, by the Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Science.

You can get more information on the Prince of Songkla Innovation Award Academic year 2018 at

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