PSU Students won AsiaStar Award 2018

The masterpieces of packaging design of two students majoring in Materials Technology and Packaging at the Faculty of Agro-Industry of Prince of Songkla University (PSU), namely Miss Paweena Songmuang and Miss Khwanruedee Wuttichokmongkolkun, won prizes at AsiaStar Packaging Award 2018 in Tokyo, Japan, an event organized by Asian Packaging Federation (APF). Students’ works are two of the 90 awarded designs from a total of 191 submitted works from nine countries. By receiving this AsiaStar Packaging Award 2018, the two students will be eligible for the next step, the WorldStar Packaging Award 2018. The concept of design and image of both student entries are detailed below.

PSU Students won AsiaStar Award 2018

Concept Design of Veena Garden Box Set

“Grow Your Own” is the current trend for people who are taking care of their personal health. Selection of gardening tools includes many must-haves in one box, therefore, it is the perfect gift for gardeners. This packaging format offers retail packaging and transportation packaging functions which serves the e-commerce marketing. A carton box, made of C-flute corrugated board, consists of two pieces with a glueless construction. They are easily formed by interlocking tabs. The inner piece containing five gardening tools is foldable and designed with the slotted inserts to be part of the main structure. This foldable characteristics help to save the space for folding and unfolding if a tool is in use or not. All gardening tools are then securely held on the inner piece, which also functions as the partition to enhance the strength of the carton box. The outer piece is a carton box which is designed with open windows on the two side walls so that the gardening tools inside could be displayed in front of consumers and create a multi-dimensions look. The string handles on the top panel of the carton box offer consumers easy carrying. The wooden pattern is applied as the graphic theme on the inner and outer pieces, in order to mimic the agricultural shed used for growing vegetables or gardening. All details of the important information about the product are printed on the carton box.

PSU Students won AsiaStar Award 2018



Golf Ball Packaging Carton (Spilita Brand from Thailand)

Traditionally, the general structure of a golf ball packaging carton just serves the basic purposes for the present use. Meanwhile, it is gaining lots of additional new functions and possibilities from consumers. The concept behind “Spilita” golf ball packaging carton is to emphasize golfer’s senses on the packaging design. This folding carton is made of preprinted E-flute corrugated board in a single sheet only. It is strong and lightweight for containing six golf balls in one row. The shape of the carton is easily formed without glue by interlocking tabs. It can be displayed on the retail shelves either vertically or horizontally. The cut-outs of the board for each golf ball at a back panel offer windows for consumers’ excellent visibility of the product inside. The innovative design on the front panel of the carton mimics the golf fairway, providing a special dispensing function. This dispensing mechanism for individual distribution makes it a unique dimension look when it is displayed. Once the front panel is fully opened, it turns the front panel into a dispensing rail. After a golf ball is pushed from a window of the back panel, it continuously rolls on the dispensing rail and stops at its end, being ready to be used. At the same time, the next ball is released, rolling down with just the force of gravity pulling it to the bottom. Convenient features, such as easy opening, reclosability, content visibility, portability and dispensing aspects, give a special attention to some interesting packaging solutions. The three colors: black, blue and green are chosen to provide simplicity and sustainability. All details of the important information about the product, including the Braille characters, are printed on the carton box. Dots and circular lines are applied in the graphic art to reflect the golf ball surface.

PSU Students won AsiaStar Award 2018 3

The Department of Materials Technology would like to thank the sponsors of the papers, namely to Siam Packaging Group (Songkhla) and S & P Public Company Limited.



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