Former Prime Minister of Malaysia and Former Prime Minister of Thailand

H.E. Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, Former Prime Minister of Malaysia and H.E. Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva, Former Prime Minister of Thailand and leader of the Democrat Party, honored the PSU International Conference on Political Science, Public Administration, and Peace Studies in ASEAN Countries, by accepting to be Honorable Keynote Speakers on "Leadership Visions on Politics, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building in ASEAN Countries" on September 7, 2012.


H.E. Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad underlined that ASEAN was initially created as a way to resolve conflicts in the region, to promote good relationship and economical cooperation among neighboring countries. During his enlightening speech, H.E. stressed that conflicts have to be resolved through negotiations, arbitration, or going to the International Court, avoiding violence and confrontation. H. E. said that "Violence has not resulted in any gain for anybody."

H.E. Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva emphasized on the necessity of the diversity in the world, and he said that the cultural diversity normally do not give rise to conflicts, because we all have commune values and goals. "What the world will be without diversity?" Mentioning about the conflict in the deep south of Thailand, H.E. said that "it is clear that the use of force cannot be a solution to this problem. Solutions have to be political approaches accepted by both parts. The ways to move forward have to start with the truth and reconciliation, opening the way to discuss political solutions." H.E. also suggested that facilitation and mediation from a third party may be needed for this conflict. In order to end a conflict, H.E. said that "people need to learn how to live together in diversity, to accept and promote non-violence, tolerance, and understanding among diverse cultures."


The conference, organized by the PSU Institute for Peace Studies and Center for Conflict Studies and Cultural Diversity in cooperation with other institutions in the South of Thailand, gathered around 650 honorable keynote speakers and distinguished participants.




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