PSU Ranked the 4th in Thailand by URAP

The URAP 2012 World University Rankings places Prince of Songkla University on the 4th position in Thailand and the 775th in the world for overall disciplines. Regarding the field-based ranking worldwide, PSU is the 474th for Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; the 632nd for Clinical Medicine; the 905th for Engineering, Computing & Technology; the 753rd for Life Sciences; and the 902nd for Natural Sciences.

How URAP Works

URAP's ranking of Top 2000 world universities is based on six academic performance indicators. Since URAP specializes in academic performance-based ranking, publications constitute the basis of the ranking methodology. Both quality and quantity of publications and international research collaboration performance are used as indicators. The indicators, the data sources, and the duration of coverage are summarized in the table below.

URAP table

Number of Articles (PSU=63.53) is the measure of current scientific productivity, which includes articles published in 2011 and indexed by Web of Science. The weight of this indicator on the overall ranking is 21%.

Citation (PSU=63.24) is the measure of research impact, and scored according to the total number of citations received in 2011 for the articles published in 2007-2011 and indexed by ISI. Self-citations are excluded. The effect of citation on the overall ranking is 21%.

Total Document (PSU=30.10) is the measure of sustainability and continuity of scientific productivity and presented by total document count, which covers all scholarly literature including conference papers, reviews, letters, discussions, scripts in addition to journal articles published in 2011. Data is obtained from Web of Science, and the contribution of this indicator to the overall ranking is 10%.

Journal Impact Total (PSU=54.11) is a measure of scientific impact, which is derived by aggregating the impact factors of journals in which a university published articles between 2007 and 2011. The source is Journal Impact Factors of ISI. The weight of this indicator is 18%.

Journal Citation Impact Total (PSU=45.18) is the measure of received citation quality, which is based on the impact factors of journals where the citing articles are published. The source is Journal Impact Factors of ISI, while the contribution of this indicator to the overall ranking is 15%.

International Collaboration (PSU=46.18) is a measure of global acceptance of a university. International collaboration data, which is based on the total number of publications made in collaboration with foreign universities, is obtained from the ISI database for the years 2007-2011. The weight of this indicator is 15% in the overall ranking.

Overall Ranking

Overall ranking



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