PSU researchers discovered “Euaeng Fang Boriphat”, a new orchid species


       Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sahut Chantanaorrapint, lecturer at PSU’s Division of Biological Science, Faculty of Science, and Mrs. Amornrat Chantanaorrapint, a researcher affiliated with the PSU Faculty of Natural Resources, discovered, described, and named a new species of mycoheterotrophic orchid from the genus Aphyllorchis Blume. The finding was published in the journal PhytoKeys (


       Dr. Sahut explained that this mycoheterotrophic orchid is unable to produce its own nutrients via photosynthesis due to the lack of chloroplasts, and hence have to rely on a symbiotic relationship with fungi.
In 2015, while surveying plants around Boriphat Waterfall, Ms. Patcharin Promchan found a cluster of young mycoheterotrophic orchids but she could not identify the species. Later, Mrs. Amornrat and Dr. Sahut studied the diversity of orchids at Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary, and they found these mycoheterotrophic orchids with perfect flowers at Boriphat Waterfall again.


     A morphological study was undertaken, involving comparisons with specimens in museums and relevant reference documents. After several years of monitoring and studying the variation of this orchid species in natural conditions, the study found that the physical appearance of this orchid species is homogeneous and markedly different from other orchids in the genus Aphyllorchis that have been named before. The research team described the characteristics and named this orchid “Aphyllorchis periactinantha”, derived from the radial symmetry of the flower. Its common Thai name, “Euaeng Fang Boriphat” (เอื้องแฝงบริพัตร), comes from the name of the location where this orchid was first found. In addition to Boriphat Waterfall, this species of orchid was later found at Ban Yang Koh (Songkhla), and various areas in Yala and Narathiwat provinces as well.



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