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Sustainable Nursing Care in Bangladesh
Through this program, we endeavored to improve the quality of nursing education and care in Bangladesh by developing a core group of nurse educators and nursing staff in two selected wards at Dhaka Medical College Hospital. As there was no clinical practice area which could be used as a model for students learning to ensure high quality nursing care, two wards in DMCH were created, with the technical assistance of nurse educators from PSU, to demonstrate nursing care based on patient-centered, evidence-based, and holistic care.
To further improve some of the areas which are critical to ensure quality of care based on the nurses’ commitment and the sustainability of certain critical nursing procedures which were not practiced by the nurses, it was advised that further technical assistance will be given to the Bangladesh Nursing Council (BNC). At the program’s end there will be an evaluation to assess progress, sustainability, and staff-wide behavior change. Attention will also be given to the knowledge-based nursing process, in selected nursing procedures critical to maintaining quality nursing care, and to assisting the ward in establishing a system of quality assurance.

Work to be carried out:
The Faculty of Nursing, Prince Songkla University, will provide the services of competent nurse educators to visit Bangladesh five times, for a total of 12 weeks, with two educators per visit, to strengthen and build the nurses’ capacity for further learning. Under supervision, the master trainer(s) will assist the core teacher group during training sessions in other parts of the country and in the clinical ward, to ensure the sustainability of quality nursing care. During each visit, the nurse educators will carry out the following activities in collaboration with the Bangladesh Nursing Council and the Directorate of Nursing Services, under the guidance of the WHO Nurse Administrator:
On the first and second training sessions, the nurse educators will work with the master trainer(s) and core trainers in one of the regions by supervising the selected master trainer(s) within the core group of teachers, emphasizing teaching methodologies and mobilizing the master trainer(s) to supervise the other trainers during subsequent training sessions in other regions. On the third and fourth visits, the educators will work with clinical nurses in the model ward, teaching them how to manage nursing records, apply the knowledge-based nursing process, provide standard care using standard nurses’ procedures, and facilitate the establishment of a mechanism that ensures continuous improvement of quality in nursing care. The fifth visit will consist of an evaluation of the progress and sustainability of the model wards, and serve to finalize guidelines for the implementation of model wards in other settings.

The Arts and Cultural Center
    - Research and Development Project for Sustainable Community Pre-School Center
Objective: To develop sustainable education system for the community.
Short description of the activity: “Participatory Action Research and Development” is used for the activity.


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